Free Latte!

I had made 10 coffee’s on my Spinelli’s card, and that entitles me to 1 free coffee.

So I decided that Friday afternoon was as good a time as any to collect on that, so I just headed over to Spinelli’s and had:

  • Medium Latte
  • With an Extra shot
  • Cocoa on top
  • Full cream milk

Now that’s pretty good even when you pay for it, but when it’s free – Yum, yum! 😡

Yes I know that I’ve already paid for this free one probably 10 times over when getting to it, but hey free is free mmkay?

Got back and was chatting with one of my colleagues – who told me she’s pregnant!

It’s been a nice Friday afternoon!

Unfortunately, I have to sit late in office to finish my part in convinicing the bosses to hike my pay (read: appraisal) 🙁