Improved Site Stats

If you have seen my site page till today, you might have noticed that I  have mentioned one of the things to do is to improve the current site stats I have – so that I can really see how few people ever see this blog (yeah, i can be wierd). Mainly I wanted to use AWStats for processing my raw server logs and Google Analytics (since, well who knows site stats better than the GOOG).

I haven’t been able to download my server log till yesterday. But yesterday, one of the forum members pointed out that wget can download the log files without any issues and incrementally too.

So some frantic htaccess tweaking later, I had wget working and AWStats processing my log files. Right now I’m missing browser stats in my log, but a small code block in my footer will handle that.

JD has switched off sub-domain logging right now, but once he turns it back on, I will be in site-stats goodness right? Well actually it got better.

This morning I check my mail and guess what I find – an invitation to google analytics :-O.. Hallelujah! The promised land has been reached :D.

So another code block goes into my footer and I will be bidding farewell to Statcounter now. It’s really good, but that 100 row limit can really start to bug you after some time.

I gonna be updating my site to-do list now, but all that’s gone happen is that 1 item is gonna go off and 4 items are getting added :(. That’s the way it goes..