Finally fixed that pesky problem in my posts

I have a weird problem when using BlogJet to write articles in that any post I publish using BlogJet actually queues up to be posted 8 hours later!

It’s a bug in BlogJet, because 8 hours is the offset I have entered in my WordPress settings so that all my posts appear with a Singapore timestamp.

Any how, that meant I had to log into my Dashboard and edit the time stamp of each post by hand. Fairly irritating to say the least 🙁

It was made worse by the fact that I was using the HTML character “hr” to draw a line at the end of each post, after which I would enter my location where the post was made (The part that goes “This post was written from…”) and the Technorati Tags.

Now unfortuantely, when I try to edit the timestamp in the WordPress editor, it would screw up the formatting of that line and the text immediately after the line, that is “The post was written from..” would appear weirdly outsized.

I finally managed to fix it by switching off the rich editor in my WordPress settings. Yay! :D.. Though that will  make editing my daily link posts for missing info / links etc much harder..sigh 🙁