links for 28-02-2007

  • All the spoilers you could ever want – ruin someone’s life by forwarding it on 😀 [via Digg]

    I have to say I am not thrilled with the SuperFetch concept, especially if it means my gaming will experience hitches initially. I get enough hitches as it is, TYVM. [via Digg]

    Flickr can’t seem to catch a break recently – first the flap over the Yahoo ID integration and now this. Though I have to admit, I went and changed my Y! password after reading this. [via Digg]

    Hmm it appears no-one might be safe. [via Digg]

    What, no Singapore?? [via Kottke]

    I’m vaguely relieved there is not going to be some content for Oblivion that I install and then never find the time to play. But it’s extremely surprising, in today’s sequel-itis affected industry, that one of the most successful PC games of 2006 is getting just one expansion. Even Morrowind got 2 expansions! [via Ars Technica]