Marketers – please. make your model numbers meaningful.

Walking home yesterday, I spot a bus goes past carrying an advertisement for a new phone by Nokia – the 6110 model . And what caught my eye was the fact that one of the key features advertised for this phone was the fact that it had GPS support.

My first thought was “WTF?”. You see, right now, the only other phones in the Nokia catalog that offer GPS support are: 1. The N95 and 2.The E90 communicator. See anything common between these 3 phones? The N95 and E90 are the very top-of-the-line – literally mobile offices that can do everything a laptop computer can do. The 6110 appears to be an entry level 3-3.5G phone that does just the basics.

Apart from the GPS functionality, the 6110 has nothing else in common with these phones! Even better – take a look at this “higher number” model – the 6233 model. That’s the phone that I use actually. So it has a higher model number than the 6110, but less features?!? I have to say again “Nokia – WTF?”

Please rationalize your model numbers, so that at one glance I know that this model is better than that model, without having to constantly bust out the phone comparator or the brochures.