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All caught up

Well I’ve finally managed to catch up on my backlog of links to post, so I went back to all my Geek News sites today after a fairly long break. And I actually managed to stop at Page 3 of Digg 😛 Fresh links tonight in my blog – woo 🙂

Real World Info Virtually

I’m really cranking them out today aren’t I ;)? Something that struck me whenever I get into a fundamentally new type of utility / technology (Blogging, Dashboards or a new OS) is the fact that I am always interested in finding stuff for that utility or technology that will give …

I’m back

Not that anyone missed me :), but I have been pretty tardy in posting stuff on the blog. Work has been pretty bad these last few days but I think I should be getting caught up to some extent today (and till tomorrow). The main way I plan to get …