links for 2006-04-06

There has been some severe flakiness in the servers the last few days and unfortunately that meant yesterday’s daily link post never made it. So here they are:

  1. CIO Blogs – Why IT and Users Hate Each Other |

    And to the ever-present battles of sales vs finance, management vs labour etc.. we can now add IT vs everyone else

  2. World of Apple – Mac News, Rumors and Opinions That You Want to Hear
     I don’t quite think that Apple would start selling a mac with just Windows on it like Dvorak says, but certainly I can see macs coming with Windows and OSX prebuilt.
    tags apple microsoft macintel switch … on april 6
  3. NewsForge | Camino 1.0: Mozilla it is, Firefox it is not

    So for the longest time we have nothing but IE, and now we have a 100? WTF?? Do we really need so many browsers? I mean, why would someone choose Camino over Firefox -what’s its USP? I don’t get it. let me know if you do.

  4. My Journey to Macintosh

    A detailed blog covering the switch from Windows to Mac – looks like a good read

  5. » Why does Microsoft Passport suck? | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report |

    ..and what it is doing to try and fix it

  6. Huge 1,500-year-old pyramid discovered in Mexico – Yahoo! News

    A pyramid is discovered underneath one of the poorer parts of Mexico City – so what happens to those people living there now?

  7. Asteroid Crash on Mercury Splattered Earth, Study Says
     It’s only a theory, but it’s an interesting one
    tags space news 
  8. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Discovered: missing link that solves a mystery of evolution

    The first concrete evidence of the evolution between sea-animals and land-based animals is found

  9. First Blue Screen of Death on my Imac Core Duo

    Annnnd.. the first BSOD on a macintel

  10. Windows XP on Intel Macs

    So after this ( ), what happens to these guys?

  11. iRider Web Browser – Wymea Bay

    Ok I jus’t dont get this – what is so bad about Firefox (or even IE) that you would be willing to plunk 30 dollars for a browser?

  12. Apple – Boot Camp

    NO-ONE and I mean No-one saw this one coming – Apple lauches a legal solution to dual booting Windows XP on an intel-based mac :-O

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