Oblivion Fever

I have been remiss in posting stuff to my blog these last few days – the reason being, I have been spending the little free time I get to post on researching Oblivion.

I am thoroughly obsessed with this game now – it’s amazing looks and truly immersive role play experience. I will be getting my hands on the game early next week, but what I’ve been researching is – how to get it to play on my laptop and the mods I’d like to install once I get the game.

My laptop barely qualifies to play the game with it’s current specs:

  • AMD Turion ML-30 1.6Ghz
  • 640 MB RAM (That odd number is a long story)
  • Radeon Express 200 Integrated Graphics with 128MB RAM

Mostly, it’s the integrated graphics card that’s the killer. So I have been checking out the Oldblivion forums to understand what I’d need to do to get the game to run. It appears the game will run with Oldblivion installed on my laptop, but right now I have no idea how good it will be.

Other mods I’m thinking about right now are also aimed at prettying up the environment on lower end PCs such as the Natural Environment Mod and the improved water textures mod.

Okay, time to file some links in del.icio.us