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PC aficionado!

Well since I’ve finally begun adding to my game collection again, I’ve crossed the 50 game mark – woo hoo! 😀 And that means I now qualify as PC aficionado as per Gamespot :D.. check it out: I totally rule 😛

Inane Game Review

Unfortunately I can’t provide a link for this post, since this is a review that appeared in a newspaper. A local newspaper called “Today” published a review of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion yesterday and I think it easily qualifies as the dumbest review of a RPG ever written. It started off …

Oblivion Fever

I have been remiss in posting stuff to my blog these last few days – the reason being, I have been spending the little free time I get to post on researching Oblivion. I am thoroughly obsessed with this game now – it’s amazing looks and truly immersive role play …