Trickle blogging

There exist a large number of bloggers out there, who blog about everything from world events to the colour of their poop that morning.

I find blogging about the more mundane events of my life quite hard simply because I view my blog as a place to share my findings and express my thoughts. Poop shouldn’t figure in the mix. But it does seem like it would be fun to vent a little during the day about the little annoyances in your life.

Through some odd combination, I came across Twitter. Twitter allows you to post (via IM, text messaging and the web) brief notes about where you are, what you are doing etc.

I find this easier to use to dash off a quick note about what I had for lunch today for example ((chicken biryani if you must know)) than firing up performancing or some other blog editor.

I’m not sure yet how many days I will continue to do this but while it continues, it’s a fun diversion. Ideally, I should be incorporating a twitter badge onto my blog but a bigger redesign of my site has been pending for quite some time and I guess this just gets added onto that list.

You can see my twitter page here.

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