Sometimes it’s best to start small

A very long time back, I had hoped to get started on using GTD.

I’m sure you can guess that it hasn’t worked out. However, I have in my own way tried to start bringing some semblance of order to my life and have been surprised by just how much difference that has made.

My wife told me recently about having received an attractive leather day planner at work and having no use for it. I asked her to pass it on to me thinking I might have some use for it.

Surprising even myself, I’ve found myself using it religiously – updating all the little things I’ve needed to (mostly personal things) in this and sticking to that schedule, more or less.

I’m sure one part of it has to do with the look of the planner – a nice business-like cover with no tacky company branding. That compels me to use it, which in turn compels to actually complete things setting up a nice little loop.

I can only hope that this keeps going!