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Inbox zero!

For a brief, glorious 15 minutes today, I achieved a version of Geek Nirvana – an Inbox that was completely empty. No, I don’t mean everything unread – I mean empty. Not one single email in it. And of course, 2 minutes later, I had a flurry of email (sigh).

Sometimes it’s best to start small

A very long time back, I had hoped to get started on using GTD. I’m sure you can guess that it hasn’t worked out. However, I have in my own way tried to start bringing some semblance of order to my life and have been surprised by just how much …

Thoughts on the book “Getting Things Done”

I have been reading the book Getting Things Done by David Allen the last few days. I haven’t actually started implementing GTD yet in my life though in the course of reading the book I have tried to start putting atleast the 2 minute rule into effect. What I just …

Getting a Grip – Getting Things Done

I think it’s pretty obvious from this site that I have a serious problem with getting things done – the first post you see on this site is a list of things I need to do! And that is pretty much the story in other parts of my life as …