Sometimes reading patch notes can be interesting

Yes it’s horribly geeky to actually read patch release notes, but then that’s what I am :).

Anyway, the latest patch for Supreme Commander had a very interesting note – The copy-protection check that the game had shipped with has now been disabled. Freaking awesome!

If there’s one thing that pisses me off about PC gaming, it’s having to keep the CD/DVD in the tray when you play. Can you imagine what would be the uproar if MS ever said “Okay, from now on, if you want to use MS-Office, you need to have the CD in the tray”. I mean I’ve bought the game haven’t I? I’ve entered a legit serial so why do you need another check to see if the copy is legal.

Galactic Civilizations from Stardock was the first popular game I can recollect that went without copy-protection. But it’s great to see a Triple-A title like SupCom get onto that bandwagon.

Supreme Commander v1.0.3220 Patch for PC Download at GameSpot

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