Fake story, real UI –Photoshop in the movies

From the Evernote archives…

Hollywood is well known for fake UI in movies – you know, Unix is easy1 or the “VB GUI Interface“. I’d say most geeks get a kick of seeing just how removed from reality Hollywood computers can be.

I was very surprised then to spot a familiar looking application during a scene in the movie “National Treasure” (a fairly forgettable movie otherwise):


I think to myself “Wait. Isn’t that…?“. As if reading my mind, the Director zooms in for a closer look:

Yup that’s Photoshop alright.

What? You don’t believe me. Ok, I created a comparison image those of you who say “fake”:


If that’s a fake, that’s a damn good one. I wonder if Adobe got any royalties for the use of their software in the movie. If they didn’t, I’d say they have pretty good grounds for a lawsuit right there 🙂

PS: That blue wallpaper in the background looks awfully familiar too. Any mac-heads can confirm/deny?

  1. Whoa! I did not realize this, but apparently the UI on screen during this screen is real! See this wikipedia article. Thanks Ashwin!  

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