Getting it wrong – Twice

Browsing through the Straits Times this morning, I came across a photograph that was attributed to “”:

by Balaji Dutt

Attributing the photo this way is wrong in a couple of ways:

1. Flickr is not the organization that “owns” these photos, it’s merely hosting them.

2. If the photo was licensed under a Creative-Commons license, the Straits Times should have attributed the photographer in the article, under the terms of the license.

I decided to look up who had posted this photo on Flickr to determine which license the photo had been made available under – that’s when it got really puzzling.

I couldn’t locate this image on Flickr and it was only when I broadened my search to Google that I located this image:


Blog post with original image.

Looking through the source of the page, I can’t find any link to Flickr – only to a Japanese-language webpage that has very little information.

So it appears that not only has the Straits Times screwed up how attribution should be done for photos taken from Flickr, they have actually sourced the image from some other website and forgotten to link to the correct website.

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