Pondering Friendfeed and Twitter (maybe a little too much…)

Ruminations on Friendfeed after making my first “block”:

  1. Since Friendfeed allows for “fake follows”, should I just follow everyone who follows me? After all, I never need to see their updates.
  2. I finally understand the power of lists in Friendfeed. With every other tool, S/N ratios have to be controlled through manual curation of follow-lists. On Friendfeed, that’s never a concern.
  3. A classic sign on Twitter of “spammers” is someone with a huge “following” list. If I did start following 12000 people on Friendfeed would I become a “spammer” in someone’s eyes?
  4. If I was following 12000 people on Friendfeed, would that “cheapen” the “silent attention” that I pay to my friends lifestreams. In other words, would their assessment of my “ambient social awareness” be tainted by the thought “he can’t possibly keep up”. After all right now, a lot of conversations with my friends in real life slip between contexts of “on IM you said” and “on twitter I saw..”. Would that disappear if I was following 12000 people here because folks would assume I couldn’t have kept up?
  5. Am I plate-of-beans’ing this? 🙂

Related idea – Even though URLs on Twitter Profile Pages are no-follow, spammers follows millions to drive up SEO Rankings for URLs in their bios & names. Should Twitter: a) add noindex,nofollow o follower/following profiles? b) remove links to follower/following profiles for not-logged in users/search engine bots? c) remove bio or not-logged in users/search engine bots?

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